Switching back to local login from domain login



I have a laptop running XP pro. I WAS running standalone sharing files and
printers over a workgroup at home. I took a consulting job and used my
personal laptop. The company set me up with a domain login with the login
dialog window versus the XP welcome screen login. I have completed my
engagement and cannot for the life of me find where to switch this thing back
to the standard XP welcome screen login. I just found out I cannot setup any
other users because they are not on the domain defined somewhere.

Can someone point me to where and how to clean this up?

Steven L Umbach

To remove a computer from an Active directory domain logon as a "local"
computer account that also a local administrator and go to Control
Panel/system/computer name - change and select workgroup and choose a name.
Then reboot and you will be in the workgroup. Be sure to select the computer
name to logon to and NOT the domain when you do this. That will insure that
you know the password for a local account that is also an administrator. ---


Goto Control Panel - Open Users Accounts - click Change the Way Users Log in
or Off. Uncheck "User the Welcome Screen" option. Here you go. Log Off and
check the settings.

If you want to join a Domain - right-click on My Computer - choose
Properties -
click Computer Name tab - and then click Change.

Tip: If using Welcome Screen then press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice at the login
window and see the changes.

Let us know!

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