Surround sound - Help!

Dec 13, 2005
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I want some surround sound for my new TV.

I don't want to spend a fortune.

I've just bought a Toshiba Regza LCD TV for £400 and on the back it has a digital audio output connector aswell as a load of phono outputs.

Any ideas what surround sound systems I can get to suit?

I watch a few DVD movies and have Sky, but I'm not MAD about this sort of stuff - hence not bothered with surround sound before. Can I get a decent set of 5.1 surround sound speakers for £50 or so just to make the sound a bit more exciting or should I not bother?

Also, are there any decent wireless systems or will I have to hide wires around the room?

Lastly, I've tried to find some stuff looking on the internet and they seem to have speakers for TV use and speakers for PC use. What is the difference?

I know you guys will think I'm a right numpty, but hey, I'm here to learn.
Any info greatly received.

Thanks, Graham


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