Surpressing rows and columns with zero values in a pivot table



Let's say I want a report showing the number of times that my employees,
grouped in offices, markets and regions, makes a particular kind of error.
At the end of the month, I'd like to create a pivot table that says, "This
office had this number of errors of this type." I can create a pivot table
that does that, but it includes all the employees that have zero errors,
making the report unwieldy.

How can I format the pivot table to hide any row or column that has no value
in it?



Jim Thomlinson

Your issue is that it has a value. Something adding up to zero is just as
valid as something adding up to any other number. The pivot table makes no
distinction. I am assuming that you do not have show all members turned on.
By default it is not turned on.

What does your source data look like and do you have the ability to suppress
the zeros value employees prior to creating the pivot table?

FYI other cube programs such as Essbase do have the abiltiy to suppress
missing and or zero values but that does not help you in your pivot table...

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