One pivot table cannot overlap another pivot issue.




I have a sheet containing 10-15 pivot tables in a page with same
source data. When I change the data and do a refresh on pivot. I get
Error saying that "A pivot table report can not overlap another pivot
table report.". I know the root cause as it is explicitly given inthe
error message.

As of now i try to fix this by adding some rows and columns in between
two pivots. It is a little time consuming process. So, looking forward
for any optimum approach, may be some sort of macros or so..

I understand one way would be to delete all the pivots and re-build
them, but applying filter is again a teduous task. Any other
alternatives ? please suggest.

Thanks in advance,



Jim Thomlinson

The optimium solution is to rebuild your tables. There is no substitute for
doing it right. Anything else is just going to be band-aides on a poor design.

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