surfing with 2k



I just bought a reconditioned PC which has windows 2k and
it will not surf! It connects ok and will Very Slowly go
to home page (msn) then when I try to click and move
somewhere else it gives me a message dns error.

I sent it back to the factory they did some stuff and said
it was fine. It came back today and still will not surf,
it tries but after 15 mins trying to log into my local
supermarket to shop - I gave up.
I feel like reformatting the whole thing and putting
windows 98 on it. At least windows 98 works and has not
given me ANY problems since 98! Needed a bigger hard
drive hence new recycled PC.
I am desperate 2k came preloaded so I don't have the disk.
The error I get when surfing is 'page won't display dns
error' I have put IE6 on and that has helped me click
links in the help files. I tried going to update but it's
too slow and unable either to view page or download
stuff. My connection is 56k and working fine, with this
computer it's fast, click and your where you want to be
but the new one - no way!
In one place in the settings somewhere it calls me a user
and it seems I am part of a workgroup. I am not, this is
a standalone pc which I got to shop and surf as I am
Do you think it still has former history in it somewhere
so won't permit me to surf. it keeps advising me about an
administrator must do this or that - I don't understand.

Sorry this is so long I am really frustrated and
dissapointed about this whole thing. Please can anyone
advise me.





If you have a network card in the machine. It will have
loaded all the network services and that is why you are
part of a workgroup. This is not a problem and should not
interfere with you surfing the net.

When you say you can access the MSN home page, are you
acctually connected to the web or are the pages just

If you are logged on as a user then it will restrict your
access to the operating system.




First thing you need is to be an Administrator of that
machine. Call the place where you bought it from as they
should have the username and password you need for that.

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