Support for Firewire 800 (1394b)



Does anybody know whether Vista SP1 will include native support for Firewire
800. According to an entry in Wikipedia, it does not support it right now. I
could not get a Firewire 800 drive to work on my box which seems to confirm
what the entry said. The device ran, but I had to hook it up to a Firewire
400 port.

I did not see any mention of 1394b support in the discussions of features in
SP1. Has anyone else had any luck with trying to get a Firewire 800 device to
run without a custom driver? If you bought a Firewire Express 800 card for a
laptop and got it to work on Vista, I'd like to know which one. The one
Belkin sells definately does not work. The throughput you get on the Firewire
800 card is slower than when you hook the drive up to a 400 port. They only
have a driver for XP which does not work on Vista.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


My friend Gerhardo,

Looks like M$ is not worry about us customers.... Windows Vista is a
nightmare and NOBODY answers about our questions...

I have the same problem, searched for over 2 hours on the net
No drivers or hotfixes yet for Vista run Firewire 800....

Good luck!!! We need that with M$....

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