Super Speedy Scrolling




I'm working in Word 2003 in XP Pro, in outline mode. My outline has gotten
to be pretty long (about 30 pages). I am trying to reorganize it by dragging
some sections to other locations in the document. However, every time I try
to drag a section to a new location that is off the screen, the scrolling is
so fast that I end up at either the beginning or ending of the document. It
does not seem humanly possible to stop where I want to stop.

Does anyone know of a way to slow down the scrolling when dragging text to a
new location? I can cut and paste instead, but dragging is so much quicker
and easier.



Herb Tyson [MVP]

I've never found a good solution for that, except to note that you can
control it, but it takes practice and a steady hand. Caffeine doesn't help.

An intermediate solution is to use the keyboard -- select the bit you want
to move, then press F2 (the Move key), put the insertion point where you
want it to go, and then press enter.

Or... use the Move Up/Move Down keys or buttons: Alt+Shift+Up and Down. I
find this method to be the most ergonomic for my working style.


Thanks for the reply. I'll try your suggestions.

Message to Microsoft: It's not rocket science, ladies and gents. Please
apply good human-machine interface principles and fix this. Just because my
PC can do things faster doesn't mean it always should.

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