excessively fast scrolling when dragging in outline mode



I am working Word2007 (Vista), in outline mode. When I attempt to click and
drag a section to a new location that is below the current screen, the
scrolling is so fast that it immediately jumps twenty pages to the end of the

Excessively fast scrolling in drag operations was long ago repaired in print
layout mode, but this problem in outline mode (which has been long known and
ignored by Microsoft) persists.

Note: alternative means of moving text (using F2 or ALT-SHIFT-up) work, but
defeat the main attraction of outline mode.

If there is a REAL solution (such as a preferences setting) that allows
human-speed scrolling, please share it.


Once the scrolling starts have you tried moving your pointer up just a
little higher away from the scroll bar?

Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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