Super-G and Toshiba Portege M200?



I am purchasing a Toshiba Portege M200 tablet PC (with 802.11g option)
which I think* contains the Atheros AR5001X Wireless Network Adapter.
Can you tell me if this AR5001X is capable of achieving Super-G, 106Mb
speeds (with a Super-G equipped router, of course)? I would also like
to know which routers and access points would provide Super-G with the

My fear is that despite various routers advertising Super-G, they will
only achieve it with their brand of PC Card wireless adapter, even if
the chip integrated in the Toshiba can do Super-G. My dilemma is
this, I want to network my PC, printers, cable modem, and the Toshiba
M200 (wirelessly). I have not found an 802.11g router that will do
wireless and print server and Super G. So I want to answer the
Super-G question before pursuing an alternate configuration such as:

1) a router with built-in print server, plus wireless access point, or

2) a router, plus wireless access point, plus one or more print
servers (I have two parallel and two USB 1.1 printers)

Thanks alot,

* based on looking at the "Toshiba Online Users Guide for Portege
M200/M205" at


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