Sudden loss of ability to connect to network share



I have an XP (SP2) box at home which can connect to my office SBS2003 server
via a permanent VPN tunnel set up between the ADSL Routers at either end
(both Netgear DG834's). The office network is 192.168.0.x and my home network
is 192.168.2.x.

This arrangement has worked perfectly for months. I can easily access shared
folders on the server and map drives to them if required. Now suddenly I
cannot. (Error msg: Network unavailable or insufficient permissions).

- I can ping the server and the server can ping me
- Outlook can successfully connect to the Exchange
- I can see all my local pnp devices in Network Places
- The icon for the office domain is greyed out in Network Places\MS Windows

I cannot find any relevant errors in the Event Logs at either end. I have
not recently installed any software that might cause the problem and Windows
Firewall is off.

I am baffled. Any ideas gratefully received.




I've been having a similar problem w/ teh disconnection and I'm a little
hesitant to even write this, but if you look at my post earlier today, you'll
notice the problems that I'm having. I think that I have mine resolved. It
appears that there has been a problem with one of my Windows updates Every
time i'd search for the windows updates, I'd get kicked off of my server, but
could still surf the web..... well, you can read my post. I finally recieved
another windows update today and the computer has been on the network for
about 4 hours w/o any disconnects. Can't guarantee you that this was the
issue, but it seems to be.


Thanks for the suggestion. I don't think it applies to me, unfortunately.
Since posting I have restored my system from a backup date March 31st. Still
no good.
Bizarrely, the system is dual-boot with Vista x64 and I have the same
problem with Vista. I can ping the server, the server can ping the vista box.
Outlook connects to Exchange but there is no access to shares in either

Its driving me mad.

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