Subweb add users



FP 2000, FP 2002 server extensions, MS Windows 2003
server,IIS 6.0, WindowsXP Home version.

I published a subweb on host root web. Changed
permissions of subweb to unique and only registered
users.. I can access subweb via browser and get box
requesting user name and password. I enter administrator
info and I get index.htm page on subweb OK.

Problem is back in subweb permissions I can't add users
and there's no place to add passwords. I have been told
that I must purchase WinXP Professional to get this
user/password feature to work. I plan to upgrade to FP
2003 shorly I followed Knowledge Base 301554. Can anyone
assist. Thank you




Tom Pepper Willett

If you are trying to add passwords to subwebs on the live web on the Win2003
server, your WinXP Home has nothing to do with this. You open the live
online web via FP and change permissions or add users, depending on the host
has it set up. Sounds as if they don't allow it at this stage.
Tom Pepper Willett [Microsoft MVP - FrontPage]
Microsoft FrontPage:


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