Subject: no audio passthru from mic to speakers



I've an Asus motherboard HTPC (vista home premium SP1) with SPDIF to an
amp/speaker unit. Things are fine audiowise. Now, I'm trying to add a
microphone, but can't seem to get sound thru speakers. I don't have a
soundcard, and onboard drivers are codenames Azalia according to the asus

After spending hours, i've discovered:

- i can adjust the level in mic and boost in Levels mic properties (set to
max now)
- there's is activity in the green bars when talking into mic
- mic shows working with green check in recording tab
- mic is not muted in Recording/Levels tab
- there's no mic in PlaybackLevels tab. I see SPDIF only.
- i can't find EnableInputMonitor or SpeakerHP in regedit search
- i've Microsft 6.0.6000.16386 audio drivers that udpate says are latest

It appears I should be able to get audio directly thru speakers without
needing extra software, not sure if I need to install something or configure
WMP for selecting input to mic.

I appreciate any help.


I am also looking for an answer to this problem. Many people post the same
answer over and over again without looking at the original posts.

I have checked the Speaker and Microphone levels (there is no mute/unmute
option for microphone). I suspect this has something to do with Home Premium
vs. Ultimate as some people seem to have this option. Or perhaps with
different drivers of different audio cards.

Just watch....three posts after this someone will post "go to
playback-speakers- and choose unmute"


Actually, I read on ASUS site that SPDIF is not suported. So I rewired it to
analog, made sure i get sound playing something on WMP, but still microphone
didn't work. Gave up after few hours of frustration.


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