Sub folders in my FrontPage folder?




I'm using FrontPage to maintain a website and I've noticed that folder I use
on my computer now has the following subfolders:

_vti_cnf (which looks like a duplicate of my root folder)
media (I've add a audio clip to my page)

1) Why are these folders there and are they needed? Can any be deleted?

2) When I publish are the folders copied to the website? I really question
the _vti_cnf folder, I'm I placing two copies of my files on the website?

3) For the audio do I need the mp3 file in both my root directory and in the
media folder? I notice that my mp3 file is in both.




Thomas A. Rowe

1. Border folder, means you have added shared borders to your site, this folder will be uploaded to
the remote server

2. Derived folder, means you are using one of the FP navigation components, this folder will be
uploaded to the remote server

3. _vti folder these folder are created by FP to manage your web site content, they are never
publish between location, and if publish to a server that has the FP extensions, they will be
recreated as needed by the extensions on the remote server. DO not delete them.

4. _private folder is a folder the FP uses, so do not delete.

Bottom-line, if you didn't create the folder, then the application did and which case the
application needs the folder. FP hide folder from view that users should not touch.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
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