Ed Smega

I just converted to Office 2007 from 97. In the old version of word I could
just open a new document and type. Now The initial text comes out double
spaced. It seems to be related to the NORMAL style selected at the top of
the screen. No spacing seems to help. How do I make it default to no
spacing or the equivalent of what I used to get with word 97?

I also noticed that if I initially entered the text with the NORMAL style,
realize the problem and fix it, it looks ok in the document but when I use
any of that text for an envelope, the extra spacing comes back and I can't
get the envelope to single space.




Doug Robbins - Word MVP

Modify the paragraph formatting of the Normal Style. To do that, Right
Click on the Style in the Styles section of the Home tab and then select
Modify, then Click on Format and then Paragraph and change the Line Spacing
to Single. Click on OK and then on the Radio Button for New documents based
on this template.

Hope this helps

Doug Robbins - Word MVP
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Graham Mayor

An alternative approach is from the Home Tab > Change Styles > Style Set >
Word 2003

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