Strange Error with IE 6.0 and XML


Ian J

Using XML to read information we sometimes receive the
following error in IE 6.

Error loading XML document.
Error code: -2146697208
Error reason: The download of the specified resource has
Error line:0
Character: undefined

It only occurs on some of our machines not on all. All
patches on IE are the same between working and non-
working machines and we are running IE
Update versions:

Any ideas - if this is the wrong forum - please accept my

Kind Regards


Robert Aldwinckle

It only occurs on some of our machines not on all.

Perhaps the version of XML is different on some?

Related to that you could try the XMLVersionText tool from this article
for clues:

<TITLE>278674 - Determine the Version of MSXML Parser Installed on a Computer</TITLE>

There is a list of modules which sometimes need re-registering
in the Windows Update Troubleshooter. Here's an excerpt
from a recent reply about that:

The Windows Update Troubleshooter has some (Catch-22)
tips for people who need their XML services repaired.

< >

If you have trouble even opening the troubleshooter
that could be a further indication that you have something wrong
with your version of the XML parser.

There's a new MSKB article about resolving that last possibility.
The same resolution could apply to your problem in any case.

<TITLE>833766 - You receive a 0x800A01AD error message while you access the Windows Update Web site</TITLE>
< >


Note: always search for both the decimal and equivalent hexidecimal
codes (both prefixed and non-prefixed) to ensure you are finding all
relevant articles. (-2146697208 == FFFFFFFF800C0008)

Windows Update users are well acquainted with this code in hex
as being among other things a signal to check: Language preference,
Date and Time settings, HTTP settings, firewall compatibility, etc.

The following articles indicates that similar considerations apparently
apply to XML applications in general:

<title>KB302820 - PRB: The Send Object of XMLHttp May Fail with 0x800C0008</title>

(MSKB Boolean search for
0x800C0008 AND XML


Robert Aldwinckle


I've seen these before and everyone seems to think there are siz
limitations of the xsl/xml docs that the DOM can handle.

While I'm sure this is the case, I think these are caused more often b
extraneous white space and other characters that you can't see whe
editing the document.

If you're consistently getting this error (or -1072896659), clean ou
as much white space from your doc and make sure that you
end-of-line/cr is the last character at the end of each line.

This isn't very scientific but I had very large xsl docs that woul
load fine and small docs that kept throwing errors. When I cleaned the
up, the errors went away.

Happy XMLing!



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