StorPort driver issues



Hi all,

we have a IBM x3655 server with three Qlogic QLE2460 HBA cards. The server
is running Windows 2003 Standard (x32) and not Win2003 R2.
The HBA's connect to the following devices

HBA 2 -> Quantum PX500 library (direct connect and not via a switch)
HBA 3 -> Quantum DLT-S4 tape drive (direcrt connect and not via a switch)

We are seeing a lot of Event ID 129 events in the system event log. Here's
an extract

"The description for Event ID ( 129 ) in Source ( ql2300 ) cannot be found.
The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or
message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be
able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and
Support for details. The following information is part of the event:
When these events occur we lose connectivity to the the tape drive. Only a
server and library reboot will fix the issue. It typically takes 2 weeks for
this situation to re-occur after a reboot of both the server and the

A google on the event id brought up some support threads on the Qlogic
forums with indicated the issue is actually caused by the MS Storport
drivers, which then go on to list two MS KB articles that deal with this,
these being 915858 and 932755. The urls for those interested are

KB 915858 seems to deal specifically with the events we are seeing logged in
the system event log, however KB 932755 seems to be newer and is a whole
replacement storport driver from MS. What isn't clear is if KB 932755
supercedes/replaces 915858 or if both should be applied.

Just wondering if anyone what people thought. I'm leaning towards applying
the 195858 hotfix first and then the updated storport.sys driver from

Comments/suggestions welcome.


Aug 4, 2009
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We are also seeing quite a few 129 warnings in the event log on one of our servers. This is a W2k3 server stnd with SP2. It is Connected via HBA to an LSI SAN. I have upgraded the HP Proliant DL 380 G4 to the latest PSP from HP and installed the latest LSI HBA driver software. I have already installed the 915858 KB and was wondering ig the 932755 KB fixed your issue.

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