Stop Repetitive Strain Injury



RSI Warrior 4.0 is an award-winning ergonomics software package helping
thousands of computer users prevent and recover from computer-related
Repetitive Strain Injuries such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis and
deQuervain's syndrome.

Features include:

* Intelligent strain monitoring system.

* Rest break reminders that are timed based on how hard you actually
work at the computer, and designed to be as unintrusive as possible.

* Professional 3D stretching animations designed by ergonomics experts
to target inflammation in the hands, arms, back, neck, legs and eyes.

* Ergonomics Wizard shown at startup to remind you the proper seating
positions and proper ergonomic configuration of your desk, chair and

* Posture Reminders shown at key intervals reminding you to correct
your seating posture.

* Automatic clicking to get rid the strain associated with mouse
clicking. This works by automatically dispatching a click whenever you
stop moving the mouse. This works great if your RSI is induced by

* Tracking & reporting of key work statistics to help you understand
how you use your computer.

Free download at:

Kevin Spencer

SPAMMERS are selfish, ignorant, idiots. Why would anyone want to buy your
product after such behavior? What do you think it says about your product?



Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP
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