Stop Error then Monitor not working... Please Help me.



Well, today I was doing my usual web browsing and was playing Halo: Combat
Evolved on my PC. I have a self-built system, MSI K8MM-V with a Sempron 3000+
and 40 gig and 80 gig hard drives, with a 64 MB Geforce2 MX400 AGP GPU and a
Gateway EV700 monitor at 1024x768 resolution.

So, I was playing, like I said, and all of a sudden the game minimized and I
got a Windows Stop Error: IRQL_Greater_or_Equal. I shut off my computer
quickly, so that's all I really saw. After a couple of failed restarts, and
more stop errors, I ended up with a POST error and my monitor not picking up
my computer's signal at all. I have successfuly ruled out both the video card
and the monitor as the problem... all that's left are the expensive things,
so I'm worried.

If I'm in the wrong section of this discussion board thing, please direct me
to the correct section. If not, someone please help me... I rely on my
computer heavily, sometimes using it for eight hours a day.. I'm in a fix



Sounds almost like a RAM error. One thing to try is to put what you
know to be a good stick of ram in the first slot, and then boot up
using something like the Ultimate Boot CD, and run MemTest86+. Let it scan through
at least once and it will tell you if you have any errors in the RAM
and where they are.

Good Luck.

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