Stop Error 0x7e



I am helping a friend in an emergency. She was working on a school project
and was asked to update kodak easy share software and she got the following
stop error: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x00000000, 0xEE5BB7C0, 0xEE5BB4BC,
0xF8A2A7C8, 0xF8A2A4C4)

There was no other driver information listed, only solutions regarding safe
mode, checking disk space, etc.

We restarted and went into safe mode, ran a disk cleanup, checked the amount
of disk space, cleared items from the start up folder, defragmented, and
scheduled a check disk on restart.

upon restarting, no check disk occurred, we went back to the blue screen.
We restarted again and tried to go to safe mode but it scrolled a file list
and froze. We restarted again and I chose last known good config. it began
to start normally (no check disk though) and looked like it was going to work
but then blue screened before I could do anything useful. We restarted in
safe mode yet again and it went to safe mode. I ran a check disk without the
Automatically fix errors option checked. It was the only program running and
it took over 4 hours to complete!! I then checked her system resources and
so forth and everything appeared to be working normally, however, it would
not allow me to modify anything, uninstall anything, or touch any drivers.
We restarted and got the blue screen again. A tech support guy suggested
using the reinstallation cd. We put it in and tried to repair. about 6
minutes into the repair, we blue screened again. Now we are unable to start
in safe mode and unable to complete the repair.





Colin Barnhorst

Uninstall the Kodak software in Safe Mode. Contact Kodak for the correct

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