Stop ability to reply to emails forwared from another address



Here's what happens: I have an email account that rarely gets emails and it
doesn't offer pop or imap, so I have to forward mail from there to my gmail
account, which downloads to Outlook. Many times I'll accidentally reply to
these emails, and the problem is that I just replied from my gmail address
instead of from the address the email was sent to. I don't get enough emails
from this account to get in a good habit of not doing this, so what can I do
with my Outlook to prevent replying to these emails?
Thank you.


I already use rules to put these emails into a separate folder. The problem
is that I reflexively reply to them (I don't get very many emails sent to
this address) and the reply I make comes from gmail address instead of from
the address they were sent to. Is there a way, maybe with code, to stop
replies from being able to be sent?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

you could use code to warn you at the time of sending - but that would get
annoying since it would have no way of identifying the folder. I don't know
if vba can detect the folder you are in when you hit reply and warn you -
try the program_vba group 'down the hall'.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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