Status Bar in Explorer (not IE) not staying "checked"



I previously asked for help in the General area on this problem; got
one reply which did not fix the issue. the Subject I submitted was "Open
Window in Explorer in XP" in the NG:
"microsoft.public.windowsxp.general." I hope either Jordan who
responded, or someone else might have a fix for this. The "Apply to All
Folders" (which I love to use) does not fix this problem.

I will paste in my original inquiry to the problem:
I have a constant problem on one of my XP Pro workstations. The
bottom of the open window's Status Bar is not checked when the View menu
is clicked. I can click Status Bar, and the Status Bar appears on the
bottom as it is supposed to, but as soon as I even change folders within
the same window, the Status Bar goes away, and I must click on View and
Status Bar again to get the Status bar.

Could someone help me restore this feature of Windows Explorer
(Status Bar defaults as checked)?


I will paste in the previous response which did not work. Perhaps
someone has the fix for this problem:




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