Starting Access 2007 won't start and gives the following msg ...



I am trying to run Access 2007 to create a simple database for my home
business. When I open Access on my system (laptop running XP Pro, version
2002, SP3) I get the following dialog.

"A problem occurred while Microsoft Office Access was communicating with the
OLE server or ActiveX Control. Close the OLE server and restart it outside
of Microsoft Office Access. Then try the original operation again in
Microsoft Office Access."

Even though I don't know how to do what the dialog states, Clicking OK
doesn't end the program. I need to go to the task manager and kill the
application. I looked at the services running to see if I could identify the
OLE server, but nothing looked like it had anything to do with OLE (I really
don't know what I'm looking for).

So ...

How do I close the OLE server and restart it?

Could this be something else wrong with my system that I can't start Access?
I can't look at anything via the toolbars to know if I have another DB on my
system that Access is trying to open. (I will start a search on my computer
looking for Access DBs -- not sure if this will amount to anything).

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this problem?





hi dont know how to help you directly, hopefully someone will be able to and
reply soon, however i remember others also having problems
enter this in the search box and see the reply it got, hope this helps
Subject: Re: ole server fails after OFFICE SP3 install



Tom Wickerath

Hi AlwaysLearning,

Here are a couple of possibilities:

Although the title in this KB article includes "embed or link a Word
document", the Resolution section is worth looking at if you run Norton

For this next article, you should be able to eliminate it as a possibility
if you hold the Shift key down the *entire* time, after double-clicking on a
database or using a shortcut that points to a database, because this should
prevent any VBA code from running. However, you have to make sure to hold
down the Shift key, and keep it held down, until Access is finished opening:

Have you tried running Office Diagnostics? Open any Office program (Word,
Excel, Access, etc.). Click on the Office button in the upper left corner.
Click on the button that reads "Word Options" (or "Excel Options" or "Access
Options", etc.). Select the Resources tab. You should see an option to run
Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

Tom Wickerath
Microsoft Access MVP

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