Start Menu - when I click on the "pictures" button nothing happens



On the right panel of the start menu when I click on the pictures button
nothing happens. When I look at the pictures button "properties" there is no
information so there is no link indicated to the pictures folder (which,
along with my other data is in partition D: on my HDD). How can I re-link the
start menu picture button again. I can't do it through properties as there is
no information here.

I have used the file / folder explorer and see that the folders under my
user name folder are there for “documentsâ€, “videos†and “music†(all of
which work from the start menu) – each folder has a nice graphic and by
clicking properties, I can select a location (where my documents, videos and
music folders are in my D: drive) but there is no “pictures†folder. If I
add a folder called pictures, it has a normal buff coloured icon and in
properties, there is no “location†option.

Could I have deleted a critical folder that was called pictures which is
pivotal and if so, how can I get it back again?

Keith Miller MVP

In the 'Start Search' box on the Start menu, type:


That SHOULD open the folder that Vista thinks is your Pictures folder. If a
folder opens, but it's not the one you want as pictures, its Properties
dialog should have a 'Location' tab with a 'Move' button that will allow you
to redirect it to the folder of your choice.

If the above command gives a 'cannot find...' error, type 'regedit' in the
Start Search box. In the registry editor, navigate to:

"HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders"

In the right-hand pane, edit the path data for the value named 'My Pictures'
so that it corresponds to the folder you want. Then log off & back on &
your Start menu should know where your Pictures folder is.

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