How do I restore my "Pictures" folder?



I accidentally deleted my "Pictures" folder from my Personal folder. I tried
to create a new folder and rename it to "Pictures" and even made a shortcut
for it on my "Links" folder but when I go to my start menu, the "Pictures"
link does not work.

I've tried using TweakVI and TuneUp Utilities but non of them helped to
restore it.

I also tried copying the "Pictures" folder from the Guest account and that
did not work either.

The link on my start menu shows up but has no properties. No name, no size,
no location.

There is no desktop.ini file for my pictures folder either.

I'm just completely lost right now. HELP!


Wow! I think I over worked this issue because I had read that page before. I
think I was typing the Shell command wrong. I believe I typed shell:pictures
last time. O don't know why I did that but well your answer did the trick.
Thank You!

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