Start Menu Classic view only



I have a laptop that only has a selection for classic start menu when I
right click and select properties. Is there a way to enable the normal
Windows XP menu style?




If using Windows XP Professional:

1. Click Start - Run - type GPEDIT.MSC and press Enter key
2. Expand to:
User Configuration
Administrative Templates
Start Menu and Taskbar
3. In the righ-side pane check for the entry called "Force classic Start
4. if it is set to "Not Conifgured" or "Enable" then double-click the entry
and set it to "Disable".

For both Windows XP Home and Professional

1. Click Start - Run - type REGEDIT and press enter key.
2. Here Expand to:
3. In the right side pane check for entry name called "NoSimpleStartMenu".
4. Right-click the entry and click Delete.

Hope this solves your problem, let us know!




XP Pro (From GPedit):
.... Click Start > Run
.... Type gpedit.msc
.... Expand "Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar" under
User Configuration
.... Right side, double click "Force classic Start menu"
.... Set Force Classic start menu to "Not Configured"

XP Home/Pro (From Regedit)
.... Click Start > Run
.... Type regedit
.... Expand
.... Right side, delete "NoSimpleStartMenu" or set it to 0

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