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Dear Friends
I have three domain controllers in my windows 2000
domain. Server1 is my PDC,Server2 and Server3 are my BDC.I
transferred my BDC server2 roles as RID ,PDC Emmulator
to my PDC Server1 and demoted my server2 BDC as member
Server.Server2 BDC was also my Global Catalog which i
removed from Active Directory Sites and Services before
demoting.i am facing a problem with my Server1 which is my
PDC.My DNS Server Records msdcs,tcp,udp and ldap are
missing.I have a reverse lookup zone also configured.i
deleted the DNS Forward lookup zone which was Active
Directory Integrated and created a new zone with the same
domain name.but still i can,t find my SRV Records in
forward lookup zone.
2.I cannot create any new users with mail boxes from my
Exchange Server,which is a windows 2000 member Server.
I try to create a User account from Exchange Server it is
giving an error it cannot find the Global Catalog Server
which in fact is my server1 as seen in Active dIRECTORY
Sites and Services.I think my Exchange Cannot find the
Global Catalog Server.
3.Server3 which is my another BDC is also running DNS.I
have forward lookup zone there.i can see the SRV Records
there as msdcs.sites.tcp.udp.but once i open these records
it is still showing Server2 as GC,LDAP,KERBEROS.
DO i have to delete the DNS Zone in Server3 also.

Please suggest.


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