SQLite vs. SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition


Robert Simpson

I haven't seen DRH's encryption code, so I can't say for sure. A couple

1. The "official" SQLite source code and distribution only include Win32
and *nix support. PPC support is an add-on, based on the original PPC
extensions by Nuno Lucas. Therefore without having seen DRH's encryption
pack, I can only speculate whether or not it will work on the PPC. I am
reasonably sure it will, but cannot guarantee it because I haven't seen it.

2. If you buy DRH's encryption code you'll have to recompile the SQLite.NET
wrapper yourself to include the extensions. Again, I can only assume that
everything will work properly. If it doesn't, then technically I'm not
allowed to see that source code and therefore can't help you isolate the
problem. This would be up to DRH to allow or disallow.

3. The SQLite core codebase naturally allows for a storage extension that
can perform encryption and decryption. I am currently evaluating the
possibility of spinning the Crypto API into it. If I did this, it would
ruin portability of the database to non-Windows platforms -- but if you can
live with that, it is could appear in my code as early as January '06. I
certainly don't want to take the bread out of DRH's mouth by offering a
completely free, portable encryption provider for SQLite, so using the
Crypto API seems like a feasible alternative.


Robert Simpson

Sorry for the old topic bump, but the latest beta version of the ADO.NET 2.0
provider for SQLite now supports encryption at the pager level using the
Crypto API, and should work on the Compact Framework.


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