SQL Server 2005 Standard can not install on my system AMD Athlon x3 425


Metin Kafkas

amd athlon Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard install on my system I can not
x3. Database services can not be installed. and SQL server is not installed.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Sylvain Lafontaine

Maybe you have the wrong version of Windows and/or of SQL-Server; for
example trying to install the Enterprise Edition on a worsktation instead of
a server or a 64 edition on a 32 bit Windows. You should post this
question - with a lot more details - in a newsgroup dedicated to SQL-Server
such as microsoft.public.sqlserver.server or
microsoft.public.sqlserver.setup .

Sylvain Lafontaine, ing.
MVP - Windows Live Platform
Blog/web site: http://coding-paparazzi.sylvainlafontaine.com
Independent consultant and remote programming for Access and SQL-Server

a a r o n _ k e m p f

Do you have UAC turned on in vista / win7?

I'd start with turning that off!

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