use a SQLServer 2005 Express database from Access 2007



I have installed SQLServer 2005 Express and Access 2007. I want to use a
SQLServer database (view tables, etc.) from within Access. I have
successfully opened SQL Server management studio express.
When I am in Access and try to open a database "databasename.adp" I get a
message that says "...could not find either Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Desktop
Engine or Microsoft SQL Server installed on your computer. Click OK to
display the Data Link Properties dialog box and log on to a remote server.
If you want to install SQL Server 2005 Express on this computer first, click
cancel, download the software from ..."

What should I do? Is there a way to use control panel (my PC is running
Vista Home Premium) to let Access know that SQL Server 2005 Express is


Sylvain Lafontaine

No: ADP are strictly based on ADO and cannot use ODBC; so you cannot use the
ODBC Data Sources control panel to set up a default connection for an ADP

Follow the indication and reset the connection to the instance that you want
to use from inside the ADP project (ie, after the ADP has opened).

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