SQL Express Login Prompt From Access 2007 ADP



First off, I'm using Access 2007 SP1, and SQL Server 2005 Express, on my
local computer before I roll it out to the client.

I have converted my Access 2000 database to Access 2007 and data table held
in SQL express.

Where I need help or guidance with is when I start the Access 2007 adp, I
keep getting the SQL server login prompt , prompting me to login. What I
would ideally like is to have my own custom login form within the access data
project to popup first, the user would enter their details and then after
verifying the data allowed to login to SLQ to use the system.

I have tried to copy the code that is within NorthwindCS (access 2003) and
tested in access 2007 ,, but still this propmt popup before my startup form

How do I suppress this prompt so that I can use my own custom login form.

Secondly, how can I copy the entire SQL 2005 express instance, and transfer
it to the client server.

Thanks in adance.

Sylvain Lafontaine

Don't have a copy of ADP 2007 at hand but for your first problem, you should
close the connection of the ADP project with a call to
CurrentProject.Connection.CloseConnection then open it with a call to
..OpenConnection using a blank (or empty) string. You can also try to put a
blank name for the server using the regular connection dialog window.
Distribute this copy.

For transferring a copy of the database to the client server, several
methods are available. However, the best method to use will heavily depends
on what are the possibilities offered by the client server. For example,
can you connect to it directly or via a VPN?

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