SQL Server 2005 schema for Access 2007 ADP



How does one specify the SQL Server 2005 schema within which one wants to
place a View being created by an Access 2007 ADP? It seems as though access
is taking the SQL user name. But, for SQL 2005, we don't have username
schemas. Why doesn't the ADP let the SQL user's default schema rule?

Sylvain Lafontaine

For bound forms? Possibly by using the Record Source Qualifier for doing

You must know that even against SQL-Server 2000, the support of ADP for
anything but dbo (or the sql user name) as the schema owner has been very
weak and incomplete and even is some of these limitations have been removed
from ADP 2007 when used against SQL-Server 2005; don't be surprised if
you'll hit a wall here and there.

Personally, I never bothered myself into using anything but dbo as the
schema owner when using an ADP 2003 frontend and because of the multiple
speed problems encountered when I tried ADP 2007, I stopped bothering myself
with ADP 2007 a long time ago and even at this moment, after the recent
release of SP1, I still don't use it because it seems that many of these
problems still don't have been addressed with it.


I haven't had problems using schemas from the adventure works
databases in an ADP.

and I haven't had a performance problem 'most of the time'.

In _SOME_ vldb it takes 30 seconds to open the app; I swear that some
system table just needs some more indexing; it's something really
simple like that


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