Login to SQL Server




I have an ADP project (2003) that link to SQL Server 2005. The Front end
works very well except that there is no login screen. Anyone use the front
end will be given the windows login name (trusted to SQL Server). Is there a
way to provide Login form so that user can specify different login name
rather than default windows login?


Norman Yuan

If your users are in a domain netwwork, using Windows Authentication to
connect to SQL Server is desired way. If there is particular need in this
application that you want user to connect to SQL Server with different
user/login from their Windows user account, you could look into
CurrentProjecct.OpenConnection()/CloseConnection() method to close existing
connection with windows authentication and open new connection with SQL
Server login (supplying username/password). Then you can build your own
login form on top of it.

However, I really do not see much point of doing that with ADP in a LAN
environment (unless you are in peer-to-peer network).

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