SQL Custom Data Types Not Visible In Access Linked Tables

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One of our applications is being upgraded -- both hardware and software. It
is moving from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008. I have an Access 2003 DB that connects
to the SQL Db via an ODBC connection. It appears that the upgraded DB from
the vendor on SQL 2008 had some table changes including the use of *alot* of
Custom Data Types. The problem I have is that when I link the tables in
Access, the only fields in the linked table that are visible are those with
the standard data types. Those fields with User Defined Data Type in the SQL
table are not visible. Is this an issue with Access not recognizing these
User Data Types? If so, is there a way in Access (maybe using VB) to recast
the fields during the ODBC call to a data type Access would recognize? I
replicated this issue on a box with Access 2007 as well. Thank you.


the transformation will have to take place at the SQL Server level. I would
suggest you create Views that do the transformation and link to the View
instead of the table.

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