Access ODBC connection with Firebird SQL problems

May 3, 2010
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Dear All,
I am trying to work with a connected ODBC SQL database in Access 2003, and gets problems with appending data into memo fields. It seems to just add the first character only.

I am running a "normal" Append or Update query, but it seems I cannot get the data to "stick". Possibly this concerns other fields aswell, but so far it is the memo fields that is the problem. I am an experienced "access worker", and this is a first for this kind of problems. Not only that, but I am "convinced" that I did similar append/update queries approx 1 year ago, without problems, so this seems like a "new" problem. Have not successfully found evidence of this though, but am quite sure this was the case a year ago, ish.

When running the appication that shows the SQL data, this just shows the first character only as appended.

When investigating the connected ODBC table field in Access, it seems there is alot more data in the field, but it is not visible. If you in example use the mouse to try to select text, it looks like there is text, but nothing is visible, except first char. I found some info about similar Firebird ODBC problems with Google, but it seems that no solution is offered (yet?). We are using Firebird v 1.5.5, but have also tested newer version with same result. Other test environment info: Win7, WinXP, Access 2K, 2003,2007.
Should maybe add that I am set up with full admin access in network and Firebird SQL.

Any suggestions? even workarounds, to do updates in the SQL database?

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