ODBC Data errors in Access 2007



I opened an access 2000 mdb (that accesses SQL Server 2005 data) in my new
access 2007 (SP1 - 64 bit) and I am having 2 problems.

First off, I cannot use Linked table manager to update my connection to the
SQL server. I get a message saying ODBC call failed even when I select Prompt
for new location (I never get prompted).
This only happens on these old MDB's and does not happen when I start a new

So then I tried to create a new ODBC data source. I created 2 sources using
the Access interface. This did not work so I wanted to delete the 2 sources .
The Access interface does not allow deletes so I ran ODBC Data Source
Administrator in Control Panel. This does not show the data sources I created
in Access.

When I create identically named data sources in the Administrator the new
DSN definitions take precedence over the ones visible in Access. When I
delete them in Administrator the old ones (originally created in Access) are
once again visible as System DSN's. When I close Access and start a new
database the new data sources are visible. I cannot get rid of them.

Above occurs in databases saved as Access 2007 databases (accdb) or 200
databases (MDB).

2 questions: 1) How can I update the links in the datbase without
re-creating the database and 2) how can I delete the DSN's that are not
visible in Administrator.

Sylvain Lafontaine

On a 64 bit machine, you have two versions of the ODBC Data Source Panel,
see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942976 . Access is a 32 bit application
and cannot access or use the DSNs located in the 64 bit part of the

For the rest of your question, I don't know.

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