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Jacques Latoison

Hello all,
We have an Access DB that has linked tables to a SQL Server.
We had to copy the Access and SQL DB's to make another one.

The original started in Access in its creation, then the tables were upsized
to SQL, leaving everything else in Access.
Its works from any machine on the network, even though there are NO ODBC
data sources named in the Control Panel on any computer.

The copy of the Access DB was updated to connect to the copy of the SQL, and
that worked fine, because the linked table manager had us go through a DSN
to connect the tables.
This of course meant that the Access DB doesn't work on any other machine
unless we add the DSN to every machine.

1) If possible, how can I change/edit the link information that the tables
use to match what the original DB uses, so that we can point the linked
tables to the proper location - WITHOUT using a DSN, as the original does?


2) How can I copy my Access/SQL configuration in a way that the new linked
tables connect to the new SQL DB?

Thanks beforehand

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