spoolsv.exe generating error



I have two computers when win2000 loads this error comes up. "Spoolsv.exe has generated errors the program will close and restart....." Then computer reboots, but all my printer drivers are gne. If I reboot again they are back as long as spoolsv.exe does not generate errors.

When I searched for the location of the spoolsv.exe file, I found two instances. one in the WINNT/system32 directory, the other in servicepackfiles/i386... I did recently install service pack 4. Is this causing the problems?? if so, how can i fix it?


Carrie Garth \(MVP\)

Hi Emily,

This issue can occur if a printer driver that is installed on the computer is
damaged. You can try to resolve this issue by removing the printer and printer
drivers, deleting certain registry key, then reinstalling the printer. For more
information see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Article:

KB312052 - Error Message: Spoolsv.exe Has Generated Errors and Will Be
Closed by Windows

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