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Hi all,

I meet some problems when I try to print under winxp.
Jobs are flushed from spooler when they arrive on the printer (before
But I want to show jobs in queue until the last page left the printer.
I try to print directly or to use spooler on IBM InfoPrint 20, HP LaserJet
4100/4200 without any results. But on HP LaserJet 1320 it's works !

(I print with vb6 => printer object)

Thx for your help!


I believe that some of your printers may have enough memory to internally
"spool" the job(s) (all or part). If so, the win spooler process will be
virtually complete well before the printer stops printing. The only way I
know of to get around the problem is to reduce the memory in the printer, or
use a printer monitor that sees and reports job status from the printer
dynamically. Another problem has to do with the form of the data sent to
the printer. "Raw" printing mode generally knows nothing about which page is
being or was printed, and only knows about the percentage of the job sent to
the printer and the size. In some cases, switching to postscript mode (when
available) from raw may give a printer monitor page related information.


I think too. But I would appreciate to monitor it directly from windows
spooler (WMI request). I can try with SNMP queries but right now i can just
know if the status is idle or printing. I will follow in this way...

Thx for your help !

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