spooler stopping and printers disappear


Andreas Badjura

Hi all,

I have a strange behaviour with Win2k SP4; I have not installed anything but
since few days the printer spooler is stopping unexpected during work (not
reproducable when this happens) and all printers disappear from the control
panel. Starting the spooler again (net start spool) temporarily solves the
problem but i cannot find a "real" solution. Have tried to uninstall and
install all printers again - without success. Any ideas what kind of devil
is riding my system?

thanks in advance!


Have you check the knowledge base - woord200. I have just
replied to another post with the same notes. Only one of
my pc's (out of 4 are doing this). Word2000 might be the
culprit - however word2000 is on the other pc's with no


Exact same problem here , driving me crazy . So, far I
have patched the printer spooler with Microsoft KB article
820550 (be cautious on this and don't take what the first
level support people give you, there is a problem as to
how Microsoft has put-up this patch). I have updated
printer drivers /firmware, deleted all old dated *.bud
files .

I have troubleshooted so far that problem happens from
some colored office program printing (Excel or Word) .

I am still in search for any 100% solution

Leslie Stacey

Been Having the same problem all day today. Have applied
all patches in past as recommended.
Found out that one of our IP network printers was
unplugged from the network (we have over 70 devices on
this printer).
Since plugging back in problem has disappeared.

Kind regards,


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