Splitting audio and video



I would like to insert a still photo within a video clip without losing
the audio. Is there a way to do that?

John Inzer

feverkiss said:
I would like to insert a still photo within a video clip without
losing the audio. Is there a way to do that?

A method to accomplish this was
previously posted by a contributor
named Ralphy.

It's takes a little experimenting but
it works...

Split your video clip on each side of the
area where the stills will be. Now...drag
the cut portion to the Audio/Music track.
BTW...If you wish to add a 5 second still...
remove 5 seconds of the video clip.
(info below on splitting if you need it)

Drag your still shots to the time line and
drop them in the location where you
removed the video.

The Audio clip on the Audio/Music track
can be dragged right or left to adjust it's

More info on splitting....

"Splitting A Clip In MM2.1"

Drag the video/audio clip to the

Play the video/audio by clicking the
"Play" button under the view screen.

You will see the Playback Indicator
(vertical line) advancing across the

Click the "Pause" button at the point
where you wish to trim and type...
Ctrl+L or click the "Split" button at the
bottom of the view screen.
(you can also make adjustments by
dragging the Playback Indicator)

Make as many splits as you want and
remove the unwanted clips by right
click / delete.

And...Movie Maker 2.1 only displays every
other frame. In order to see all frames, the
following info from PapaJohn may be useful:


Movie Maker 2 shows you every-other-frame
when doing project editing. MM1 and Movie
Maker in Vista show you each frame.

It's usually not a problem when skipping over
the in-between frames, but sometimes you
notice a flickering frame in a clip that is a 'stray',
and you can't see or cut it out.

If you apply the Slow - Down - Half video effect
to a clip in the timeline, you are then seeing
each frame rather than every other one. You
can see the problem frame and split it out.
Then remove the effect from the clip to return
it to normal.


John Inzer MS-MVP
Digital Media Experience

This is not tech support
I am a volunteer

Solutions that work for
me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk

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