splitform and subform help



i created a form, made a split form out of it so the form is below and the
datasheet above. i then try to embed this split form in another form and i
only get the form without the datasheet showing. I want to see both the form
and the datasheet in my bigger form but only see the subform without the
datasheet. please assist


i did set it but the datasheet still doesnot appear. The single form part of
the split form show but not the datasheet

thanks again


i am still hoping for an answer of the above issue. I cant get the split
form to appear as it should . The datasheet does not appear when i move it
into the main form. Please help



I am having the same problem (see post "Split form (left/right)..."
I am using Access 2007 with the master and sub forms linked with "CompanyID".
Can supply more details if this would help.

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