Split form in subform



Anyone know if this is a bug: I put a split form in a subform. When the
subform opens, the split form only opens in single form view. And the
datasheet is nowhere to be found. This holds true whether I try to place the
datasheet at the top or bottom of the form.

If I open the subform by itself, then the split form works properly.

I have seen questions posted elsewhere on the internet without an answer.




No it's not a bug it's just not possible to put a splitfor as a subform on a
mainform. It's meant to be used as a main form. You could try to mimic it
yourself though by adding two subforms to the main form with one set to
single form and the other one in datasheet view. Set the master child field
the same and you should have the same effect.



I was guessing that would be the answer and solution. No problem creating
the two subforms. No since in doing extra work if it wasn't necessary.




Although I know this post is almost a year old, I wanted to see if it was
possible to touch up on this subject again, because I too have attempted to
create 2 separate subforms and link the two by setting the master child
field, but when I did this, I was constantly asked to input the criteria for
the master child field.

I.e. I linked the Master Field to an ID field, so that when I select the ID
in a datasheet, the simple form will update dynamically. However, whenever I
select an ID in the datasheet form, it requests to enter the ID that I'm
looking for, similar to a query.

Would anyone have the solution to this problem? Thanks for your help in


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