Cannot access datasheet in split form



I cannot use conditional formatting or VBA selheight on a datasheet in a
split form. I have successfully tested both of these features on a form in
datasheet view. Is this a limitation of split forms?


Gina, thanks for the quick response. I don't follow your reply. May I
rephrase the question? I create a form for a table. When I set the default
view to single form, continuous form, or datasheet I can see my conditional
formatting. When I set the default to split form I cannot see the conditional
formatting on the 'form' or the 'datasheet' displayed. The datasheet is the
part I care about right now. How does one 'make a form look like a datasheet'

Gina Whipp

Okay forget that I just ried it and got it to work by following these
instructions... Just specify your conditional formatting control by control
in design view and that formatting will be reflected in both the upper and
lower panes of the split form.

Gina Whipp

"I feel I have been denied critical, need to know, information!" - Tremors


Gina, Indeed you are right and this is what I would have expected. Further
testing revealed for some of my forms this was the case and some it was not.
I created new forms and copied the controls and code over from the
problematic ones and now the conditional formatting works.

I have spent a while trying to figure out why without success. Anyway you
helped me to a fix so thanks very much for your input.

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