split data base using ODBC connection



I have a access database program that is used by several users on different
subnets. I have been working on some changes to the program that require a
customer lookup data that is stored on an IBM AS400. I created a ODBC
connection and got my forms and reports to work. Now I am trying to figure
out how to setup just 1 ODBC connection on the server and have all of the
access database clients read from it. When you go to the tables and attempt
to link data, it only shows access databases and if you change the type to
ODBC, I cannot make it look to the server for the connection. It appears to
only search my PC.

Any help would be appreciated.

Albert D. Kallal

If there going to be more then one user in that application, then you need
to split your application, and install copy of the application on each

I explain this concept here:


When you setup the odbc connection, you usually have to setup a DSN on each
machine, however, you can use a dsn-less connection, and this will eliminate
this setup and deployment problem:

Using DSN-Less Connections

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