Speeding up a database over network - multiple users



Here is the situation:
I split my 2003 datbase - Forms/Report etc on the front end and database
tables in a separate backend. the "front end" is just over 6 megs and takes
a while for users to load over the network - SO... what I am thinking of
doing is having users copy the front end from the network location and store
it/use if on their laptop (local). I assume this will still work because the
tables are still linked (from the Front end) or pointing to the server
location - Would someone please confirm that for me?
I also mentioned that I have several people that will need to access this
data - most likely concurrently. Max of 4 concurrent users at any time.
Those users are also accesses this via the runtime version of 2007 - seeing
that I can't get the runtime version of 2003 without visual basic or some
development pack installed.
What issues - if any - will I run into with this type of configuration?

Jeff Boyce


Wait, ... "front-end ... takes a while ... to load over the network"? Why
would you want to have each/every user have to wait to download the
application/front-end each time s/he used it? Won't your network gurus come
around with the rulers and spank your hands?

As an aside, you are opening your application up to corruption (and the need
of frequent repair) if you have users "sharing" a single front-end file
located on a network share.

Yes, absolutely, put a copy of the front-end on each/every user's PC. Link
to the back-end tables. And if you wish to avoid forcing every user to have
a common share, use UNC to create the links (e.g.,
\\servername\folderpath\...) as a way of always pointing at the correct
back-end tables.

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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