Windows XP Specified module could not be found

May 6, 2008
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I need some help ASAP!

I'm borrowing my friends laptop and even though it isn't mine and isn't very good in the first place (missing battery pack, scratched, has to run on AC Power adapter, keys a bit stuck) I need it for my college courses, I'm too broke to buy a new computer atm.

When I turn the laptop on and log in 2 error messages come up everytime:

  1. Error - RUNDLL - Error loading c:\windows\system32\efpwpcse.dll - the specified module could not be found
  2. Error - RUNDLL - Error loading c:\windows\system32\ixtionpx.dll - the specified module could not be found
I click OK on both of them and the computer continues to run fine but the errors are a bit worrying...

My next issue is, when I search stuff on Google then try to click the site, it always goes to *Edited to remove link to malware site - fbs* then it takes me to a random info site with a bunch of other links. It is really annyoing and to visit any sites off of Google I have to copy and paste the address then paste it in... Very annyoing and worrying...

Any help would be apreciated ASAP. Thanks!


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Please don't post duplicate threads, it confuses the issue. I have deleted the other thread.

It sounds as if you have a virus/malware present.

Your best bet if the laptop is fresh to you would be to reinstall the operating system, I'm guessing it's Win XP.

When you're given the option during install to format your hard disk, do so.

This would clear up both problems.

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