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SP2 has now downloaded itself thrice - unsuccessfully.
The first probem I encountered was with internet access - suddenly I could
only connect at 12kbps (my current location has no high speed access ). The
phone company checked their lines, isp (sympatico.msn) had no clue, either.
So, after many hours spent trying to resolve this, bought US Robotics V92
PCI 56k modem. Problem solved. Also new monitor purchased (LG Flatron
Had display adaptor NVIDIA RIVA TNT. PC decided this was the time to let me
know that it didn't like that - error messages BofD abounded (ie.
ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READ_ONLY_MEMORY). As if that was not enough, system
automatic shutdown packed it in permanently - only soft button shutdown
During all this SP2 kept downloading (had been set for automatic download
with notify me before installation). So, after 10 hours of downloading
itself, it asked to be installed - I pressed the appropriate button.
Wonderful - barring three verified installations (Belarc Adv. used to see
what went on), all the others were marked for re-installation (my Windows
directory filled with a plethora of $NtUnistalQ3*****$).
Next thing I know, SP2 is downloading again and again, but never installs
itself when appropriate button pushed. So far the only SP2 I have are files
KB811113[SP] on 11/14/2004 (details...)
passed verification KB842773 on 11/18/2004 (details...)l.
At this point, OS decided, for reasons best known to itself, that I would
not be able to get into Winxp in any way shape or form - it took me hours and
hours to resolve this just to get into Safe Mode.
Realizing that all those B0fDs are the result of a driver, mainly the video
one, I purchased GEForce 4000x. That should have solved my problem. So, I
uninstalled both software and subsequently hardware for Nvidia Riva TNT and
put in my new video card.
Whole new set of problems. When pc boots, I now have GEForce and Nvidia Riva
TNT showing as the bootup commences.
To solve this, I unistalled the GE, replaced the card with Riva, reinstalled
it (would not do that ) - so backuped the registry and removed all items
connected with Riva. Replaced the GEForce, booted up - new hardware wizard
lit up and I proceeded in the normal manner. The files downloaded from the CD
but at the end I get error 28 - access denied, problem with installing the
driver. No matter what I do, I cannot install the driver. After one signle
bootup without showing both video cards present, the system returned to its
previous bootup sequence with both video cards present.
Still no automatic shutdown and startup is precocious. I get messages that
there is a problem with Win xp license and I can only load in safe mode -
next time I boot up, it lets me login, then decides I'm not the right user.
I subsequently restored the registry with the backup file.
In all this, where is SP2? Is there a file somewhere on m pc where it
actually has downloaded? If I do winver it gives me only SP1.
So far, the upgrades to video card and modem have not helped.
Oh, and occassionally, windows recovers from an unspecified error and
infrequently tells me it has used a logfile to restore one of the entries.
Currently, I am receiving SP2 in bits and pieces, one to four files at a time.
I have sent the "error reports" whenever the showed and a few times have
been rewarded with appropriate file download advice.
Short of either removing WinXP and reinstalling it or formatting my
harddrive, I'm at a loss.
Several programs have also been affected McAffee's Security Centre has lost
a few files and cannot be uninstalled or reinstalled. HP Photosmart 7350
printer has flown the coop as has my Epson Perfection 1600. None of these are
very old and both have WinXP installation options. Am loath to reinstall as I
don't want any more problems. Also, Photoshop 5.0 won't work anymore. PC now
tells me that Photoshop is not a Win32 application - worked just fine two
weeks ago.
At the present, I am able to login and, except for frequent notifications
that my browers (Netscape and IE) need to shut down - usually when I'm in the
middle of something, or the annoyance of not being able to automatically
shutdown and intermittent BofD, things are not too bad - now if only the
video driver would install.
Sorry for the long post but I'm at my wits end and wondered if anyone has
any answers.

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