sp2 cd



Recently I got the service pack 2 cd for windows XP home ed. My question
concerns a download I did when I reinstalled my XP OS. The service pack 2
download I used was one from a Microsoft Windows IT professional site that I
saved on an alternate hard drive. The link for that sp2 download came from a
popular PC magazine newsletter I subscribe to. Should I run the new cd on top
of my web download? Or should I first uninstall the service pack 2 I
installed and then run the cd. Or is it even necessary to run the cd in the
first place?
Knowledgeable replies to my question would be appreciated.

Steven L Umbach

If you already have SP2 installed [as shown in System Properties -general]
you have no need to so anything else regarding it other than keeping current
with critical updates from Windows Updates which for most of us is best to
have set for Auto Updates anyhow.


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