SP1 refuses to install, since I've already installed the v. 668



I have already installed the RC beta, that was public available at MSDN.
When I type WinVer, it displays Build 6001, Service Pack 1, v. 668)

I now downloaded the latest version, Windows.Vista SP1 Update (32Bit) Build 6001 v. 18000

However, when upgrading, I get the error: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is already installed.

So, what do I do? I cannot uninstall the v.668.


You can not upgrade from one build to the next. If you cannot uninstall v668
you will have to reinstall Vista. v668 has a built in time bomb and will
cause Vista to stop working.


Uninstalling it is the only way. Go to programs and features and to see the
windows updates you got to click on view installed updates on the left. Then
you should see
service pack for microsoft windows in the list. Right click and uninstall



You must remove all previous version of SP1 before upgrading to the next.

Control Panel > Programs and Features > Installed Updates (upper left corner
under Tasks) > Highlight "Service Pack KB936330" > Uninstall

It will take awhile, there will be 2-3 reboots. Then you can install the
new version.

FYI: refresh 2 seems to have an installation problem (for some) if you have
any 3rd party security software running (such as, Norton, McAfee, Spybot,
etc), disable all of it first. It still may fail, in which case you will
need to uninstall the security software, then reinstall it after SP1 is done

Or just wait a month for SP1 RTM to come out in WU, but you still must
uninstall the old version of SP1.

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