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I was using WMM 2.1 since a while with no problem.
Now I have a problem. I import .avi and .mp3 files and edit my movie. I
listen to the preview in WMM without problem. I save it in .avi format.
When I listen to the file (with windows media player), the sound is poor and
metallic. What's the problem? It's the first time I have this problem with


Thanks. The problem is always there with wma. If I save the movie without
mixing music, it's OK (the sound of the avi file is good)...


I have the same problem, I have read this entire newsgroup trying to find a
solution to the "tiny" hollow sound I get when I lay music over my videos.
I've tried WAV, MP3 and multiple video output formats including NTSC WMV and
DV-AVI NTSC and my music is tiny metallic souning. The preview sounds GREAT!

Can anyone help?


Thanks for the response, I just tried converting audio to WMA9 first and if
I render to WMV then the sound is fixed, but if I render to DV-AVI, then the
music sound is bad. The original source of video is DV-AVI.

I'm guessing WMM has problems converting some audio, but when I use WMA
music and convert my video to WMV then probably NO audio conversion takes
place during the render and the sound is as good as the original. But when I
ask WMM to convert any audio format to DV-AVI audio format, that is when it
corrupts it.

I think that if I pre-convert my audio to whatever audio codec is native to
DV-AVI (I thought this would be WAV, but its not) then WMM won't have to
convert the audio at all and hence original audio quality will be preserved
and un-corrupt. Any thoughts on this? Do you know what audio codec is
embedded in native DV-AVI format?

Thanks in advance!

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

Seems like it's more related to the issues that some are having with
rendering to DV-AVI files rather than the source files themselves.... just
have to find your work-around and use it....

I don't know what - or if one format is native to DV-AVI audio.... it could
be any of many I think.... as your camcorder can be set to 12 bit or 16 bit

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